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Jeremy Hsiung, Class of 2020

Jeremy graduated in 2020 in Commerce with a major in Accounting. He demonstrated leadership during his time at Ontario Tech University through BITSoc and the Finance Society. He is currently a Business Consultant at Ricoh Canada.

Jeremy's Leadership at Ontario Tech

Jeremy exhibited outstanding leadership during his time at Ontario Tech University. He took the role of President and Financial Officer at BITSoc and was a Liaison for the Finance Society.

Work Experience

I started with accounting internships for two different terms. I went to an external conference called QCLS and learned about consulting. I became interested, so I started attending networking events. Due to that, I landed interviews at different consulting firms and accepted one of the offers. Today, I am a Business Consultant at Ricoh Canada.

Jeremy’s Advice

Stay involved with campus events and activities. Meeting other driven students will create opportunities for yourself because their network becomes yours. Also, when you want something, don't stop chasing it. Do all the research, join every networking event and send emails to recruiters to set up coffee chats (they really do work).

Contact Jeremy

You can contact Jeremy through LinkedIn or email. He is open to answering any question to the best of his abilities!

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