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Zara Ahmad, Class of 2023

Zara's leadership at Ontario Tech University!

I was the VP of Operations at the Ontario Tech Finance Association (OTFA) and am currently the Marketing Executive at ACE (Formerly known as DECA). I attended the DECA case competition back in first year with my friends and had a great time there so I became a delegate and attended provincials in 2020. This led me to now being an executive on the team. I have also been a two time Teaching Assistant.

Zara's Advice!

My advice, as simple as it sounds, is work hard. That's honestly the key to every success you wish to attain, whether it be grades/gpa, getting that internship or really anything in life. Possessing the ability to remain consistent in hard work is key. I would also say to network with people, not only for professional reasons, but to just get out there meet people and make friends. I started University alone knowing nobody and now have my best friends of 3 years which I met through Deca.

Contact Zara!

Feel free to contact Zara via Linkedin, email or Instagram for any advice, questions or just to talk. She is super friendly and loves helping out!

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