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Yasmine Bhatti

Advice from a fourth year student!

As a fourth year student and my studies coming to an end at Ontario Tech, it is very important to join clubs in your first year. You can gain so much amazing experience and get a good sense of what the clubs would look like throughout the years. Joining clubs you don't have prior experience in is an amazing thing to do. This is where you can develop new skills and who knows, you might end up loving it! If you feel nervous about joining a club, don't worry you are not alone. You would be surprised about how many students feel uneasy trying something new, take me for example. But once you do, you will thank yourself!

Clubs that I have joined!

Clubs that I have been involved in are AIESEC in Oshawa as the Team Leader of Talent Management, OTAA (Ontario Tech Accounting Association) as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator, OTFA (Ontario Tech Finance Association) as the Social Media Coordinator. I am also a Student Ambassador, Peer Leader, and Senior Peer Leader. All of these opportunities have helped me gain confidence in myself.

How I blossomed out of my shell!

During my first two years of undergrad, I was solely focused on my GPA. I thought joining clubs would be a distraction and did not realize the positive effects it could have on students. As I was a very shy individual in my first year, I did not ask anyone for advice or help when i needed it. This included Professors. When I realized I wasn't satisfied with my grades, I knew I had to ask questions, join clubs and step out of my shell in order to achieve my goals that I set for myself. In my third year, I decided to join a few clubs and I have never turned back. I absolutely love the experience I have gained in these past couple of years and I have met amazing individuals that have helped guide me in the direction of where I want to be. Joining clubs have also helped me gain more knowledge on other studies in Commerce such as Human Resources and Marketing.

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