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Maira Shaath

Associate Communications Officer

Maira Shaath is a third year marketing student minoring in HR. She's really involved by being a part of multiple associations: the VP of marketing for the Human Resources Association, the Chair of Events for the Marketing Association, and the Associate Communications Officer for BITSoc!


She's an ambassador and a TA as well! Additionally, she's a varsity rower with the university.


For fun, she loves to spend any free time she has watching Korean and Turkish dramas!! She also loves reading in general, especially graphic novels.

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Jaired Sides


Krupa Shah.jpeg

Krupa Shah

Vice President of Commerce


Michael Wilson

Chief Technology Officer

John D.jpg

John Davis

Director of Student Affairs


Amy Lee



Khalid Mazhar

Chief Communications Officer


Zamir Akhtari

Chief Financial Officer


Kobi Williams

Director of External Affairs

(Super C00l) Chris.jpg

Chris Niemela

Vice President of IT


Nikki Bhalla

Chief Operations Officer


Abu George Kuttenchirayil

Director of Internal Affairs

20230916_134250 - Aarzoo Singh.jpg

Aarzoo Singh

Associate Communications Officer

IMG_9549 - Fatima Khan.heic

Fatima Khan

Associate Operations Officer


Laura Costantini-Pare

Commerce Coordinator


Connor Hume 

Commerce Coordinator

Vinosha Srikugananthan.jpeg

Vinosha Srikugananthan

IT Coordinator


John McBride


William Thurber.jpg

William Thurber

Faculty Advisor

Nakul Jain

Chief Technology Officer

Nakul is currently in his 4th year in the Networking and I.T Security Program. Nakul is also associated with Netsoc as Deputy of Communication. Nakul manages this website you are currently browsing and updates all the latest events and news. Nakul works as a Networking Lab Technician in SIRC and manages and maintains all Network Devices. 

Nakul loves to play and watch basketball, workout in the gym and mix music at parties. Nakul is going to work for Cisco Meraki in San Francisco as a Network Engineer after graduating.

 Nakul loves giving advice to any students who need an extra hand or encouragement and loves talking to people in general about anything. 

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William Blake Pezzarello

Director of Sponsorships

Blake is in his second year of the Commerce program. He is Majoring in Accounting and Minoring in Marketing. Blake is a new member of the Business and IT Society this year, serving as Director of Sponsorships. He is also new to the Ontario Tech Accounting Association as a Financial Officer. Blake has been a member of the Ontario Tech Racing team since last year and now serves as Sponsorship and Finance Director, where he spends the most of his time. Blake's life revolves around Motorsports. In his spare time, he enjoys racing, track days, tinkering and building one wild project per year, depending on budget restraints. He claims the fumes from working on his car enhance his ability to study and stay focused on his studies. He does not recommend anyone test this theory before a proper study is conducted. Blake loves to meet new people and is always available for a chat. He can be reached through LinkedIn and encourages everyone to spark up a conversation.

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William Thurber

Faculty Advisor

Will Thurber joined the Faculty of Business and Information Technology (FBIT) in 2009. He teaches Critical Thinking and Ethics (BUSI 1010), Business Communications (BUSI 1020) and Marketing Communications (BUSI 3200). He joined FBIT after spending 10 years as a faculty member at Brock University. He earned his BA from Eisenhower College and his MBA from Clarkson University.


He has worked in the private sector as an entrepreneur and served on national trade associations where he led a national anti-impaired driving partnership between private industry and the federal government. Active on and off campus, he currently serves on the Board of the Oshawa Kicks Soccer Club and is a member of 100 Men of Oshawa.  He is the Faculty Advisor to the FBIT Students' Society (BITSoc).  When he is not in class, he can often be found riding his bike on the many trails in Oshawa or in his seat at Scotia Bank Centre cheering for the Toronto Raptors.

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