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Daniella Caggianiello, Class of 2023

Daniella is in her third year of Business Commerce at Ontario Tech University, double majoring in both Accounting and Human Resources. As a student leader, Daniella has had a wide variety of experiences in leadership roles and is excited to start her internship at RSM Canada in Winter 2022.

Leadership at Ontario Tech

I have enjoyed all the opportunities that Ontario Tech University offers students to get involved. When I entered my first year, I immediately searched for opportunities to meet new people, volunteer in my school community and become more involved in things that I found interesting. Over the years, I have volunteered and been an executive of various clubs at the university relating to business and student life. A general list of my involvement includes:

  • Student Ambassador

  • Peer Leader

  • Digital Community Crew Member

  • VP of Events of Ontario Tech Marketing Association (OTMA)

  • VP of HR of Ontario Tech Marketing Association (OTMA)

  • Lead Event Coordinator of Ontario Tech Accounting Association (OTAA)

  • Co-President on the Ontario Tech Human Resources Association (HRA)

  • General Member of OTMA, OTAA, HRA, BITSOC

  • Peer Note Taker

Throughout these various leadership roles, I have gotten the opportunity to experience what it is like working as a team, providing events for students and building relationships in casual and business settings. Not only have I learned a lot of soft skills in communicating with my peers, but I have learned how to organize a team, run school events and effectively plan fun activities and giveaways. I think joining these extracurricular activities and collaborating with my peers has helped me gain new experiences I would never have if it weren’t for the university. I hope to put these skills to good use soon throughout the rest of my university career and after graduation!

Work Experience

I am currently working as a Human Resources Assistant in the Human Resources Department at Ontario Tech. I didn't think that I would have an opportunity quite like this one as a student! I enjoy all the work I do and especially the team of people. I have connected the human resources knowledge I have learned from my program studies to my job. This opportunity has given me more insight into the human resources world! Considering I am a double major in accounting and human resources, it is great to see both sides! As I have already seen some of the accounting sides before my university career, I did a co-op placement as a bookkeeper! I loved this entry-level experience and getting to know how the accounting department runs in small local businesses. Lastly, I have a fascinating experience ahead of me! I will be an incoming Audit Intern at RSM Canada this approaching winter, in 2022. I am very excited to improve my skills and work experience within this upcoming position.

Daniella's Advice

My advice to new students looking to get involved would be: never assume your limits and strengths. You would be surprised to see what you are capable of and don’t be afraid to achieve what you want! University and job-seeking feel like a long process, but your hard work will pay off, no matter how long it takes.

Contact Daniella

Want to get in contact with Daniella? You can message her on LinkedIn or send her an email at She is a great contact to ask any questions about choosing a double major and would love to talk about why she chose accounting and human resources. Ask her about getting involved in the university community, her extracurricular experience, or any other questions about herself.


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