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Elicia Lin, Class of 2023

Elicia is in her third year pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Accounting and a Minor in Marketing. She is currently the Co-Chair of the Connect Conference for the Ontario Tech Accounting Association (OTAA) and the Employment Readiness Peer Coach for Student Life. She is eager to start her internship at KPMG this upcoming summer!

Elicia's Leadership at Ontario Tech

For the current Academic year, I am one of the Co-Chairs of the Connect Conference for the Ontario Tech Accounting Association. I am thrilled to lead a fantastic team of talented individuals to execute the annual case competition. Throughout my time overseeing my team, I continuously find my passion in leadership. I am deeply grateful to be uplifting such talented and ambitious individuals. As a leader, I have learned the crucial importance of teamwork and motivating and inspiring others to thrive.

Work Experience

I am looking forward to my Internship at KPMG Canada in the summer!

In January 2021, I participated in the KPMG Ideation Challenge, where I worked alongside a team of other business and STEM students to create a solution that combats the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We developed innovative cloud-based software that aided small to medium enterprises in their digital transformation due to COVID-19. We then presented this idea to a panel of judges and participated in a series of educational workshops. This experience helped me improve my teamwork skills and improved my ability to work under pressure.

Elicia’s Advice

My advice to any students looking to get involved is to remain up to date on the Association's social media pages for events and subscribe as general members. I would also advise you to attend extra-curricular events consistently, then reach out to executives with questions that will show us that you are ambitious and looking to impact the University.

Contact Elicia

Feel free to reach out to Elicia via email, LinkedIn, or Instagram to ask about her experience in the Accounting major, as well as any additional questions regarding getting involved. She can also answer any questions regarding career searching since she is also a Peer Employment Coach for Student Life!


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