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Ilsa Sajid, Class of 2023

Ilsa is in her third year majoring in Accounting and minoring in HR. She is currently the Ontario Tech Accounting Association (OTAA) President and the Vice President of Talent Management in AIESEC. She has extensive leadership experience within the community and is eager to start her internship with KPMG Canada this summer!

Ilsa's Leadership at Ontario Tech

Presently, I am the President of the Ontario Tech Accounting Association (OTAA), Vice President of Talent Management in AIESEC, and a Student Ambassador with the University. At this point in my experience, I have learnt that leadership is a constantly improving skill, and each team requires different types of leadership. I am incredibly thankful to be working with such bright students who genuinely inspire me to be better. I believe that teamwork is pivotal for everything, and anyone can become a leader.

My leadership journey began in my first year, where I earned the first-year roles in both BITSoc and OTAA, along with the Director of Events role in Women in Business. These three roles significantly set the foundation for me as I gained immense experience working with incredible people, which made me apply for higher positions in my 2nd and 3rd years.

In my 2nd year, I was the Vice President of Events with the OTAA, a CPA Ontario Board of Ambassador with PSAP, a Peer Leader, Ambassador and a part of the Digital Crew. These provided diverse experiences and changed my leadership style as I felt empowered while empowering my teams.

Work Experience

I will be interning with KPMG Canada this summer as an Audit intern! I am thrilled to have this fantastic opportunity and am happy I can share it.

Currently, I am working as a Junior Financial Analyst with the University, and it has been an eye-opening experience as I got to relate my education with work directly. My job involves creating our university budget, tracking weekly changes, forecasting for each quarter and more.

I also competed in the Queens ICBC Competition this winter with a team of two other remarkable students earning us 4th place. This experience was impeccable, as well as being a DECA University delegate in my first year.

Ilsa’s Advice

My advice to new students looking to get involved is not to be scared. Whether it is a major or minor position you intend to apply for, never be too afraid to seize the opportunity. If something interests you, it is always worth the try!

Contact Ilsa

Feel free to reach out to Ilsa through LinkedIn ( She would love to answer questions about leadership roles within the university and how students could get more involved and diversify their experience. She would be happy to talk about her journey in her studies in accounting and HR.


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