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Kaitlyn Brown, Class of 2022

Kaitlyn is currently in her fourth year of Business Commerce with a major in Marketing. Her leadership extends to many areas of the school, including Women in Business, Peer leader, Senior Peer Leader, Student Ambassador, Peer Mentor, and many more!

Kaitlyn's Leadership at Ontario Tech

My involvement at Ontario Tech reaches back to my first year of studies. I have had the opportunity to grow and develop in so many ways while also getting the chance to work with outstanding like-minded individuals! Getting involved on campus in various initiatives has allowed me to gain many practical skills that I will take in my future studies and career. As an active member on campus, not only have I acquired teamwork, communication and organizational skills, but I have built up a network of other students where I have been able to develop friendships outside of our committee work. My involvement includes Vice President of Marketing on Women in Business, Peer Leader, Senior Peer Leader, Student Ambassador, Peer Mentor, and a student on the Student Mental Health Advisory Committee.

Work Experience

I have worked within the Registrar’s Office in the Student Awards and Financial Aid department at Ontario Tech since the first year of my undergraduate degree (May 2019). My position encompasses a variety of duties ranging from HR tasks to finance-related tasks, along with marketing and communications, which has allowed me to apply my skills and knowledge acquired from my degree. This job has allowed me to work with a variety of scholarships, bursaries, donor awards that the institution manages, along with external donors. I have had the opportunity to organize, plan and execute the selection of award recipients, which has been so rewarding! Another aspect of my job includes working with OSAP to ensure that student files are accurate while also keeping up to date with new legislation that is put in place each year. Each day I have the opportunity to learn something new, whether it is a new skill or a new policy that keeps it exciting and challenging! Working at the school while being a student has been a fantastic experience, and I encourage anyone looking for employment to consider working within the University Works program. I have learned how the institution operates on a whole different level which has helped me grow as a student. This position has set me up for my future career as I feel confident in my working abilities and developed skills.

Kaitlyn’s Advice

Step outside of your comfort zone! There is only one way to learn and develop: to try something new, even if it’s scary. Start by joining a club you feel excited about being a part of, and then try something new that might be more challenging. Whether you join a club in an area of interest that isn't directly related to your program or apply to a position that holds more responsibility than you are comfortable with, just try it! You got this:)

Contact Kaitlyn

Want to get in contact with Kaitlyn? You can contact her through LinkedIn ( or email ( Ask her about her major in Marketing, the peer leader program, and the University works program or any other questions you may have!


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