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Laura Cox, Class of 2022

Laura is in her fourth year of studies majoring in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources (OBHR). She graduated from the college transfer program between Durham College and Ontario Tech University in 2019 with a Diploma in Business majoring in Human Resources. Her involvement with the Human Resources Association (HRA) at Ontario Tech has vastly honed her leadership skills.

Leadership at Ontario Tech

I first joined the HRA in my third year at Ontario Tech as the VP of External Affairs and then became the Co-President of the HRA in my fourth year. What I’ve learnt as a leader is that every member of your team is an entirely different person, and you need to be able to adapt to the dynamics of each team member rather than leading a team in one type of way.

Work Experience

I am currently an accounts payable clerk at Transervice Leasco and have worked there for 1.5 years. I work remotely from home, and my job is to ensure suppliers are getting paid on time. I am also a TA at Ontario Tech for Foundations of Business Math and Math Analysis for Business. This semester will be my first time being a TA, and I lead tutorials, grade quizzes and tests, and respond to student inquiries.

Laura's Advice

My most significant advice to give to new students looking to get involved would be to network. Come out to the events of the clubs you wish to be a part of, have your name put out there and recognized by executives, become a general member, and do not hesitate to email the respective club to get in touch with the Presidents about how to get involved. We are always available and love chatting with students looking to get involved!

Contact Laura

Want to get in contact with Laura? You can message her on LinkedIn or send her an email at She is a great contact to ask any questions regarding the transfer program between Durham College and Ontario Tech University!


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