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Raymond Dee, Class of 2020

“What you have to do is try as much as you can, and fail as early as you can- so you can succeed faster” - Raymond Dee

Raymond graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor's Bachelor of Information Technology, specializing in Game Development and Entrepreneurship. With experience as both the President of the Game Programming Club and a Teaching Assistant in FBIT, Raymond has made an impact in the BIT community here at Ontario Tech.

Raymond’s Leadership at Ontario Tech

During his time at Ontario Tech, Raymond contributed heavily to the Game Programming community. As Vice President and then President, he enjoyed developing his passion for programming. It helped him understand and make connections between his courses, putting all the intricate details of game development together. When he first started the program, Raymond had difficulty understanding how the tools were applicable and transferable.

When Raymond was in his first year, the upper-year students in the Game Programming club took time to help him understand how to apply what he was learning in the classroom. This experience guided Raymond in discovering his passion for teaching people, potentially leading to his joy in his current position of Teaching Assistant. The club allowed him to interact with new students and teach them how to work through problems they struggled with throughout their game's development.

Raymond’s greatest hope is that the Game Programming Club can influence other students the same way it impacted him.

Outside of the Game Programming Club, Ray was actively involved in the Game Developer’s Society (GDSoc) - now Game Development Student Society (GDSA) during his first and second years. He attended all the sessions, which helped him improve his social skills and meet new people. He was overjoyed seeing the growth of the GDSA over the years. The club has brought newfound life into the program as students continually discovered their passions and met new friends.

Raymond’s Career Goals

Ever since Raymond was a child, he has always wanted to create games. Since graduating in 2020, Raymond is currently working as a Teaching Assistant at Ontario Tech. He genuinely enjoys his time here, developing his passion for teaching and interacting with students. He is looking forward to continuing this role into the foreseeable future.

Despite this not being where he initially saw himself, Raymond is still working towards his ultimate dream of working as a game developer. He wants to fit into a great company that will allow him to program games. While many of his friends work at big companies in the city, Raymond eagerly looks forward to joining them once he finds the perfect job.

In his free time, Raymond works on developing his games. He finds passion projects to work on daily to add to his portfolio. You can check out his previous work here.

Above is a screenshot of a game Raymond is currently developing! You can look forward to its release in the future.

Raymond’s Advice

Raymond’s most significant advice for students is not to be afraid to mess things up. Whether you are an artist, a programmer, or have a passion for game development- it isn’t an exact science. Raymond encourages you to try new things and ultimately just try your best. When things do not work the first time, try and try again. Something that held Raymond back as he was too afraid to try things and fail. He encourages you to try as much as you can and fail as early as possible, which will help you succeed faster.

Contact Raymond

Want to get in contact with Raymond? You can message him on LinkedIn or send him an email at He would be great to contact regarding Game Programming, Engine Programming, or Technical Artistry!


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