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Ryan Romig, Class of 2022

Ryan is currently in his fourth year pursuing his Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Technology Management and a minor in Finance. He is currently the VP of Technology Management for the Technology Management Student Association (TMSA). Albeit recently starting his leadership experience, his involvement and leadership have significantly impacted the Ontario Tech Community!

Ryan's Leadership at Ontario Tech

My leadership experience at Ontario Tech University just started at the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester. I am the VP of Technology Management for the Technology Management Student Association. As a leader, I have learned that connecting with others is beneficial and learning from them. I have met some great people in my role on TMSA, and I hope to continue to make relationships in the future. I have also learned how much I enjoy helping others and sharing my experience at Ontario Tech with others who are just starting.

Work Experience

I worked an internship position in the summer semester of 2021. I worked at an accounting office located in Peterborough, Ontario. It was a small boutique firm that focused on corporate tax returns and specialized tax work. It was a great experience, and I would encourage anyone to take an internship opportunity.

Ryan’s Advice

My advice for new students trying to get involved is to start attending events relating to your faculty or program of study. For example, I would encourage a student majoring in Technology Management to participate in some of the Technology Management Student Association's events. Through these events, you will meet other active leaders in the university. If you express your interest to these people, they will help lead you in the right direction to get involved.

Contact Ryan

Want to get in contact with Ryan? You can message him on LinkedIn or send him an email at He would be great to contact regarding Technology Management or Finance. In addition, he is also a peer tutor for a plethora of business courses if students are interested in learning more about the peer tutoring program.


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