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Victoria Marie Hassall, Class of 2022

Victoria is in her fourth year of commerce, majoring in finance and minoring in international business. She served as an executive for the Ontario Tech Finance Association (OTFA) and founded a volunteer project called “Planning a Better Future.” Her initiatives in sustainability and business have left an impact at Ontario Tech University.

Victoria's Leadership at Ontario Tech

I have been an executive on the Ontario Tech Finance Association (OTFA) the last year as the ambassador, helping raise attendance at events, bringing attention to social media, and helping with general duties related to the association. Last year, I founded a volunteer project called "Planting a Better Future." This project was fully organized and led by myself while being backed and funded by Hydro1 and Ontario Tech University. We packaged gardening supplies and shipped them to 40 kids and families throughout Durham who signed up. We held bi-weekly virtual learning sessions where we planted our seeds together, compared seedlings as they grew, and learned brief lessons on the importance of the environment and sustainability.

The OTFA and Planting a Better Future have helped me gain confidence in myself and my leadership skills while gaining experience assisting the students and community.

Work Experience

I am currently completing an 8-month work-study internship at Ontario Tech's Office of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability. It has been amazing working in the vegetable garden and donating the produce to feed Durham communities in need, along with being around the tree nursery and bee hives. It has also been great leading social media campaigns related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), working on other campus sustainability initiatives, and arranging a "blue team" of student volunteers interested in sustainability.

At Ontario Tech University, I competed in the ICBC business policy category, where we placed well in the preliminary round and made it to the finals. This experience helped me grow so much, improving my case analysis and presenting skills. I was also able to network and develop friendships along the way.

Victoria’s Advice

My advice is to get involved early! I only started getting involved during my third year at the university, and I regret it. There are so many unique opportunities, and if none suit your needs, create your opportunity!

Contact Victoria

Feel free to contact Victoria via email and LinkedIn regarding self-improvement. She went from a 2.66 GPA during her first semester at university to a 3.92 GPA during her most recent semester in year four. She enjoys conversations about economics, sustainability, current laws/policies, and agriculture/gardening.


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